Time For A Job Resume 

You are about to go to college and you know you are going to need money. So what do you do? You find a job! But what do you say on your resume when you haven’t really done much except for be a student? There is so much to include so don’t underestimate yourself!

What Have you Been Dedicated To?

Employers aren’t otherworld beings with no sense or emotions. All they seek are people who can contribute to their company and become an important asset. They seek people who can dedicate themselves to something and stick with it. So think about it: What have you done in high school that you are proud of or have been dedicated to? Have you joined student clubs or organizations? Were you a valued member of a sports team? Were you a part of an academic program? These are all things that can pose as great attributes to employers.

What Other Activities Did You Do Outside Of School?

Think about the things you were dedicated to outside of school. What did you spend your time doing besides homework? Did you mow lawns for money or even babysat the neighbor’s kid? Did you ever do any volunteer work for either church or school? There are so many things you could choose from. Don’t fret if you haven’t gotten any volunteer work under your belt because it is never too late to look into it.

What else Can I Add To My Resume Besides Things I’ve Done?

One of the most important parts of a resume is your skills list. This list can consist of many  of your personal attributes that you consider to be really instrumental in why you would be an important aspect to the company. You can include computer skills and if you have a good work ethic. You can mention that you are a great team leader or know how to follow directions. You can mention your mathematics skills and so much more. It all depends on what you think you are good at!