Myth#12 About Choosing a College

Myth 12 says "If I don't know what career I'll pursue, I can't really choose a college"

Steven say there's only one chance in 10 that a person will be doing anything connected to their major, 10 years out of college. If you know what you want to major in then it narrows down choices but if you do not know your major it is perfectly OK.  Think along the lines of what kind of academic experience you want in college or what type of social experience or what are the kids like at your ideal college?

High school is a good time to consider career choices and explore those possibilities, do research in the field you might want to study, shadow your ideal job.

Steven add that college is not only about life after college. It is also about life during college and he suggests you find a place where you will be happy.

Stay tuned for the final myth #13- "A good college is hard to get into."

Myth#11-About Choosing a College

"Relying on magazine lists of "Best Colleges" is the best way to determine whether a college is right for me."

Some students give too much weight to college rankings from magazines and newspapers but fail to realize that colleges are multifaceted and one size does not fit all. There is no ranking that considers the "feel" of a college, its atmosphere and student life.

No ranking of colleges consider every academic field. They also do not measure the student life on or off campus. Steven says its better to rely on the people than the resources such as The College Handbook, Fiske Guide,  Insiders Guide or Princeton Review. Stay tuned for Myth #12: If I don't know what a career I'll Pursue, I can't really choose a college."

Myth #10-About Choosing a College

"Some secret strategy can get me admitted to college."

Steven says "No way." There is no strategy or secret that can unlock the admission door. He suggests that you disregard books that say otherwise.  Students think if they get a letter of recommendation from a Senator (who doesn't really know them), join clubs to just add to their portfolio but enjoy it, or do community service just to add that to their profile are just fooling themselves.

Some student agonize over essay for days without realizing it's not the topic that matters. The key is to be yourself as you go through the admission process. Avoid gimmicks, says Steven and do not try to package yourself in wrappings that are not you. One thing to keep in mind is that college admissions counselors read thousands and thousands of applications and they can see right through these misplaced energies. Steven says to choose colleges that fit, not colleges where you feel your fate depends on sophisticated application strategies.

Stay tuned for Myth#11- "Relying on magazine lists of "Best Colleges" is the best way to determine whether a college is right for me"

Myth #9- About Choosing a College

"I'm a failure if I don't get into College X"

This is not the appropriate way to look at the admissions process.  There are many reasons why you may not be accepted to a particular college: the major is impacted, your grades may not be strong enough, or College X may be looking for particular traits that you do not have-through no fault of yours.

An example of this may be if a college is looking to tuba players or a student from a rural background and you may play the piano and be from the city.

You want a college where you can be socially emotionally happy and be challenged in academia. If you plan well, you can have a wonderful college with such choices.

Stay tuned for Myth #10-"Some secret strategy can get me admitted to college"

Myth #8-About Choosing a College

"There is only one perfect college for me."

Steven says that perfect colleges rarely exist. Almost every college has good and bad points and all vary in attractiveness for any individual student.  The goal should not be to find the best college but rather several colleges that are the best fit for you and meet your needs.

Stay tuned for Myth#9-"I'm a failure if I don't get into College X."