Colleges That Change Lives-Clark University

Clark University is located in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Clark University gives a four-star academic  experience in a major research. They give a B student the chance to do undergraduate research on a big league projects. Students in political science, sociology and other disciplines have published papers as undergraduates  or done such things as researching the problems of and drafting city housing policy for Worcester.

A new major of global environment studies has been added to the list of majors. Clark University is the second oldest graduate institution in the country after Johns Hopkins, it was founded in 1887 and it opened its liberal arts college in 1902.

Clark University is only 40 miles from Boston.  Clark has been noted for its psychology and geography departments.  Clark also has a unique International Studies Stream program where students cna meet the liberal studies requirements by taking internationally focused courses, becoming fluent in a foreign language, and study abroad.

Bonus is if a student meets the academic standards, he can have a fifth year at Clark tution-free and get a master's degree into the bargain.

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Colleges That Change Lives-Allegheny College,Penn.

This college is located in Meadville, Pennsylvania and founded in 1815.  This college has a reputation of producing scientist and scholars but now also business leaders.  Allegheny has thirty-six buildings on 72 acres, an outdoor recreational complex of 182 acres.  This college ranks top 4 percent in turning out business leaders.


Allegheny College has a new curriculum that is interactive because it involves tutorials, independent study or research, perhaps with a faculty member.  There is freedom to design individual majors along with core courses.  Part if the new curriculum is having a seminar leader or advisor for fourteen students for two years. This person will provide guidance, and advice in a nurturing, close camaraderie way. Students are not left to feel isolated or alone, there is a sense of belonging.

Everyone has to become informed in sciences, the social sciences and , humanities and everyone has to have a major and minor; they also do a senior independent research project and defend it in an open meeting.

Most of the professor have their doctorates and earlier taught at Ivy League or Big Ten universities. Professor have quoted," By and large, students get a better education here than the larger schools....In the big places the quality of teaching has little to do with getting tenure; here it's heavily weighted in favor of the quality of teaching."

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