Do You Know How to Choose The Right College?

College is a big decision. Remember you or your child is going to be spending at least four years of their life on a college campus, being part of that city or town, interacting with locals and making friends. It is very important that this environment is appealing and makes learning productive. If your child or you have never experienced snow or cold harsh weather then going back east may not be suitable. There are more than 3500 colleges and universities  across the country and finding the right fit is very crucial to learning and success.  I will be going through the ten factors to be considered when choosing the right college.

Factor One: Degree Program. If you know your major then start looking for colleges and universities that have your major. If you are unsure of your major then it is just as important to look for schools with a wide selection of majors.  College Board has a book called Book of Majors  to help to find the right one. There is also the Fisk Guide to Colleges that can help find the best schools.