Kalamazoo What is that College about?

What Makes Kalamazoo College Different?


Worth Noting:

Kalamazoo college is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Founded in 1833, this college is independent, private, and is focused on liberal arts. Kalamazoo offers their K-Plan; 83% of students study abroad and 80% complete an internship. The K-Plan is world-renowned. Of all the colleges and universities, Kalamazoo ranks 22nd in the nation s for students ultimately earning a Ph.D.


Campus Life:

One primary focus of Kalamazoo college is its belief in community. The college offers over 50 clubs and organizations. Kalamazoo requires that students, even local, live on campus. If interested, there are 17 varsity sports that the college offers.


Cost of College:

The annual costs of Kalamazoo is $49,740. Around 97% of students are granted some form of financial assistance. Kalamazoo offers a range of scholarships - from $10,000 to $24, 500, with the average being approximately $15,000/yr.


Entering Class:

The entering class consisted of 368 students. The student body is made up of individuals from 40 states and 36 foreign countries. The average SAT and ACT scores were 28 and 1209. With the average GPA being 3.71.


Is the Faculty Good at Juniata College?

                                                  Juniata College 

Juniata College, located in Huntington, Pennsylvania, is a four year liberal arts and sciences college that is located near beautiful mountains in between Route 80 and Pennsylvania Turnpike. Juniata College is one of five recipients of the 2012 NASFA Paul Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization making it the first rural school to receive the award. Moreover, 93% of graduates have jobs or advanced study plans within six months of graduation, boasting the success of those who enter this prestigious school.

                                                      How Involved is the Faculty?

Juniata College is a school that prides itself on how qualified the instructors are. 95% of the 146 faculty members have the highest degree in their respective fields. The classes are taught by faculty only which means there is no need for teaching assistance, showcasing just how confident and challenging this school is. Apart from professors assigned to the students, there are two faculty advisors for each student ensuring the success of the one learning.

Is The Campus Life For Everyone?

At Juniata College, the majority of students live on campus in 15 residence halls which is guaranteed for all four years of attendance. Apart from the traditional dormitory, there are also special interest living options include eco-friendly floors called “The Global Village,” and “The Eco House.” Students may also apply for Living and Learning community houses in French, German, Spanish, and Russian. Juniata College has 104 student clubs and organizations and if Juniata doesn’t have it, you can create it giving the student the opportunity to create something new. In addition, Juniata College is so about including everyone that there are no sororities or fraternities.

Is The Entering Class A Competitive One?

The average GPA for the entering freshman class at Juniata College is 3.72. The middle 50% SAT CR+M composite scores are 1070-1240 and the average ACT score is 26. This is very commendable and impressive and it definitely depicts the commitment of the students who wish to be a part of Juniata College.




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Tina B. Gulbronsen, MSN, RN
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Is this the Oldest College Ever!!! Hiram College

Hiram College 

Founded in 1850, Hiram College which is located in Hiram Ohio is a private, liberal arts college that prides itself in its excellence and educational innovation. Students at Hiram College excel in their academic career by communicating and collaborating with faculty, staff and fellow peers. This is great for students who have difficulty interacting with others, so The Hiram Community are deeply involved in the learning process and responsibility of each student helping them become better team players.

How are the Academics?

Hiram College has 31 majors and 37 minors to offer students, including pre-professional programs in Medicine, Law, Veterinary, Physical Therapy and Dentistry. The most popular majors include but are not limited to Biomedical Humanities, Psychology, Accounting and Financial Management, Computer Science, Political Science and Nursing. Hiram College not only offers great academic opportunities to its students but also has a program called The Hiram Plan which is a 3-Week session that allows students to pursue a focused study in one area of their choice. This is great for students who want to immerse themselves in one course of study and center their attention on their academic goal and achieve greatness.

How is the Campus Living

At Hiram College, 90% of students live in campus housing, which ranges from apartment-style townhouses, suites, and dorms. There are more than 90 student-run clubs and organizations on campus, including the Intercultural Forum, Investment Club, Theatre Guild and Greek Life. At Hiram college there is a strong dedication to the arts, granting students the privilege to participate in various musical, theatrical and artistic opportunities. Hiram College offers students many choices when it comes to other intramural endeavors making this private school a great place to dedicate your time to.

Tuition and Fees

Hiram college’s overall tuition is approximately $29,065. The room average is $4,820 as the board is $5,040. These expenses may be inconvenient for students but over 90% of the student body receive financial assistance which the average aid award exceeds $21,000. So there is no need to worry too much about the costs on this school. All one needs to do is focus on the achievement and academic excellence.


What is so Interesting about Marlboro College?

Do You Know About Marlboro College?


Worth Noting:

    Marlboro college is located in Marlboro, Vermont. Walter Hendricks founded the college in 1946. It is located in the Green Mountains found in Vermont. In the 2013 edition of The Princeton Review’s “Best 376 Colleges”, Marlboro college earned a perfect score - 99/99. The campus hold monthly Town Meetings. Within these meetings, students, faculty, and staff make campus decisions. All people in the meetings have an equal vote.


Campus Life:

    70% of students live on campus. Students fill out a Plan of Concentration. This plan encourages them to work closely with faculty members and sponsors. In addition, it promotes the students to have direct responsibility and aids them in planning out their program of study. The campus regularly offers concerts, plays, lectures, and dance performances. Similarly, the college has an outdoor program named Marlboro College Outdoor Program. In this program students can participate in: whitewater rafting, climbing, caving, sea kayaking, and backpacking.


Cost of College:

The annual cost of Marlboro is $50,832. The campus offers Federal Pell Grant, institutional aid, and merit-based scholarships. Over 90% of students receive some type of financial aid. 38.72% of the students qualify for Federal Pell Grant.   


Academic Profile of Entering Class:

    Marlboro college contains 300 students. Of these 300 students, 54% are men while 46% are female. In addition, 38% of the students are from New England. 64 students make up the entering class.  At Marlboro college, SAT and ACT test scores are optional when applying. Of the scores that were submitted, the ACT composite score range was 26-32. For the SAT, verbal range scores were 610-690; the math range scores were 510-650.


Millsaps' Honor Code

Interested in Millsaps College?


Worth Noting:

    Millsaps College is located in Jackson, Mississippi. The college was founded in 1890 is currently affiliated with United Methodist Church. Millsaps is the first university/college to earn a Phi Beta Kappa chapter in Mississippi. Alongside its Phi Beta Kappa chapter, Millsaps is an AACSB accredited business school. As such, it is one of the few liberal art colleges with both. It was one of the 21 private colleges acknowledged in the Fiske  Guide to Colleges as a “Best Buy”. Fiske said about Millsaps: “What differentiates the school is its focus on scholarly inquiry, spiritual growth, and community service.”


Campus Life:

    83% of the student population lives on campus. Millsaps is home to more than 70 student organizations and clubs. The student population adhere to the school’s Honor Code. This creates mutual trust and personal honesty amongst everyone. Similarly, students are able to particpate in mentor-based internships. Due to this, students are able to examine and develop their personal and professional futures through the academia offered.


Cost of College:

    Millsaps college’s tuition averages out to $33,607. Room/board is $8,527. The meal plan services equates to $5,406. There is a plethora of need-based financial aid, as well as merit based academic and service scholarships. With all the options available to students, more than 80% of them receive some type of financial assistance.


Entering Class:

    Millsaps college has a small amount of only 910 students. Out of these students, 51% of them are male while 49% are female. Students hail from 26 states and 16 foreign countries. In addition, 25% of the population is minority. Of the entering class, both the middle 50% SAT and ACT scores were 1030-1190 and 22-29. The average GPA of incoming students was 3.59.



Where is Guilford College?

Founded in 1837 in Greensboro, Carolina by The Society of Friends or better known as the Quakers, Guilford College is a school based off the idea of instilling equality, peace, and simplicity into the community, campus, and classrooms. In Guilford College the faculty gets to know and challenge every student in writing, reasoning, class discussions and problem solving so help them with future world challenges.


                         Campus Life


Guilford College has more than 40 campus clubs and organizations, a campus ministry program, and a Multicultural Education department. Apart from those great campus opportunities, Guilford College also has theatre, music, and art programs, a nationally-ranked campus radio station, and an award-winning weekly student newspaper. Lastly, Guilford College also has intercollegiate, intramural, and club athletics. Guilford College offers its students so many options to get involved with its campus.


What are the Areas of Study?


Guilford College offers 36 majors and 54 minors. The most popular majors are Psychology, Business Management, Biology, English, Health Sciences, and Sport Management. This school offers the essentials in studies, but it also has unique majors which include Forensic Biology, Forensic Accounting, and Peace & Conflict Studies. Guilford College is a school that is full of great academic opportunities for everyone who wants a great challenge.

Who Makes up Guilford College Community?

57% of the Guilford College student body is male while 43% are female. 50% of the Guilford student body are from out of state with international students representing 20 other nations.In Guilford College 85% of on-campus students live in 16 residence halls, houses and apartments. Apart from being a school founded by the Quakers, ironically Quaker students only make 5% of the student body. This shows just how diverse Guilford College is and how open it is to neighbouring communities and different people everywhere.      


Guilford College

Mark, 2017

The support I've received from College Prep Consultants has been indispensable. Throughout my high school career they've provided comprehensive services in all areas of the college application process. Arvi actively worked with me to ensure that I would both have a competitive application and the experience necessary for college. I am extremely pleased with my results and would recommend their assistance to anyone.

Taylor, Class of 2017-2018

We were fortunate to have Arvi assist us with our daughter's college prep work and the results were very exciting.  With Arvi's help our daughter was accepted to 5 out of 6 private colleges and now will be attending St. Mary's in the Fall  Thanks Arvi for all your expertise!

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Dear Arvi,

Thank you so much for your care in guiding Hannah through her college selection, application, and decision process over this past year. I have to say that I had no idea just how daunting that task is today compared with what I went through when I was a senior in high school. Steve and I are both so glad that we decided to go to you and have Hannah work through this transition with your amazing team. We spent countless hours researching Hannah’s options, but it was your guidance, planning expertise, and reminders of critical dates that kept us all on track and confident that we were doing all we could to support Hannah on her journey.

From the initial career planning assessments to the moment the ‘Congratulations!’ letters started coming in, Hannah was encouraged to define her goals, pursue her dreams, and find a place that should be a great fit for her as she embarks on this next adventure of her life.

Now that she has made her final decision among the many offers, she is ready to move forward, planning for a future that holds amazing promise.

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