This University's 11 Professors named Oregon Professor of the Year!!!

Williamette University 

Williamette University, located in Salem, Oregon, is a residential, coeducational, liberal arts university that was founded in 1842 as the first university college established in the United States. Located in Oregon’s capital city of Salem, Williamette is set across the state Capitol and government buildings. Willamette also has a 305-acre Zena Forest which acts as an outdoor classroom where professors and students explore the local landscape for academic purposes.

How Active Is The Student Body?

The Williamette student body are very active with 95% of them joining at least three clubs or organizations each. There are more than 100 student-run clubs and organizations to choose from but if none seem to suit the student they are encouraged to start a new one on their own. Apart from being dedicated to the student organizations that are on campus, Williamette students are also very dedicated to the community around the school submitting approximately 58,000 hours of volunteer work a year.

How is Williamette’s Academics?

In addition to the students being dedicated to the clubs and organizations, Willamette provides opportunities for students to collaborate with faculty members in extensive research which include 75 research grants. Willamette also encourages its students to experience the real-world outside of the classroom so the students are given numerous chances to study abroad, enter internships and gain leadership positions. With an unbreakable record of 11 Willamette professors being named Oregon Professor of the Year since 1990, it is set in stone and written on paper that even the faculty take the education of the students seriously.

What Is The Academic Profile Of The Entering Class Test?

For the entering class of of Williamette, the middle 50% GPA is usually ranges from 3.7 to 4.2. The middle 50% composite SAT scores range from 1180 to 1390 and the middle 50% ACT composite scores are 27-30.


Faith based College Education-Wheaton College in Illinois

Wheaton College 

Wheaton College, located in Wheaton, Illinois, is a national liberal arts college, located 25 miles west of Chicago that was established in 1860 as a private, four-year, residential, co-educational, and interdenominational Christian college. The whole mission of Wheaton College is to serve Jesus Christ and advance His Kingdom through excellence in liberal arts and graduate programs that educate the person to build the church and benefit society worldwide.

How Is The Campus Life?

At Wheaton College there are over 60 clubs and organizations available for students which include The Record newspaper, Student Government, Gospel Choir, and Mu Kappa. Approximately 90 % of the students live on campus and are required to attend the Chapel three times a week. Wheaton College athletic teams have won more than 45 titles over the past seven years in 11 different sports and has 21 NCAA Division III varsity athletic teams, 10 club sports, and numerous intramural sports.

What Are The Statistics For the Faculty And Academics?

At Wheaton College there are 40 undergraduate degrees, 9 undergraduate certificates, and 9 pre-professional programs and 18 graduate degrees and 1 graduate certificate. 97% of the full-time faculty hold a doctorate or other terminal degrees and 100%  of them teach their own classes with a 12:1 Student to Faculty ratio.

What Is The Academic profile Of The Entering Class?

The yearly goal for Wheaton College  is to admit approximately 600 students who have an average GPA of 3.7. For the entering class the middle 50% composite SAT scores range from 1190 to 1390. The middle 50% ACT composite scores range from 27 to 32. Moreover, the average number of National Merit Finalists in a class is 20 with 75% graduating in the top 25% of their respective class.




Whitman College 

Whitman College, located in Walla Walla, Washington, is an independent, co-educational, non-sectarian, residential, liberal arts and sciences undergraduate college. Whitman has received its charter as a four-year, degree-granting college in 1883 with a 88% graduation rate. The Princeton Review’s annual The Best Colleges publication consistently gives high rankings to Whitman for their professors, for best college theater, everyone plays intramural sports, best classroom experience and much more.

How Are The Academics?

At Whitman College, there are combined programs in engineering with The California Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Washington University in St. Louis, and the University of Washington. In addition there are computer science and oceanography programs with the University of Washington, forestry and environmental management with Duke. In Whitman College, 98% of the full-time faculty hold the most advanced degree in their respective fields without the need of teaching assistants.

How Is The Campus Life?

At Whitman College 75% of students live on campus as it thrives in showing the many talents of others by having more than 22 music groups and ensembles and eight theatre productions staged each year. The school also had many musical acts perform there including Death Cab for Cutie, Pink Martini, Guster, Maroon 5, and many others. The school also has guest speakers regularly such as former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich and New York Times journalist and author Hedrick Smith.

How Is The Academic Profile For The Entering Class?

The average GPA for the entering class is 3.79. The middle 50% SAT composite scores range from 1330-1510. The median ACT scores are 28-33. The school is also very diverse with 11% of the student body being First Generation college students with 24% of the class being students of color. Moreover, 43% of the entering class are male and 57% are female.




College of Wooster 

College of Wooster, located in Wooster, Ohio, is a private, independent, undergraduate college of the liberal arts and sciences, that is considered more as a community of open minds that work together to prepare students to become leaders and influence the world. Fore 10 consecutive years Wooster College has been nominated by college presidents, provosts, and deans as one of two schools with outstanding undergraduate research opportunities and stellar senior capstone programs

          What Is Wooster College Known For?

The Wooster curriculum is most known for its independent studies program. Students are given the chance to create an original research project, written work, performance, or exhibit of artwork based off what interests them the most. According to U.S. News & World Report college deans and presidents consider Wooster’s Independents Studies as one of the best in the nation and was also ranked number four in a list of of America’s outstanding but underappreciated colleges by Jay Mathews, a Washington Post education reporter and columnist.

    How Qualified is the Faculty?

In Wooster College, there are 173 full-time faculty members and 95% of the full-time faculty hold the most advanced degree in their respective fields with Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, and Bachelor of Music Education degrees. The students are so well-taught and focused that within six months 93% of them are either employed or in graduate school. These statistics show the qualification of a Wooster College faculty member who is dedicated to not only the education of their students but even their own past academic careers.

How Dedicated to the School are The Students?

Wooster College is a school that welcomes anyone into their programs or organizations. For example, students do not need a major or a minor in music or theatre to participate in musical ensembles or win performing arts scholarships. The school is a part of the NCAA with 30% of the student body playing on at least one of 23 Division III intercollegiate athletic teams. Wooster College has more than 125 student organizations with 35% of each class studying abroad in over 45 different countries. Wooster College students are dedicated to their school and participate in so many functions that it is almost as if each student can overcome any challenge available to them.