How to Organize Your Thoughts for an Essay 

The main thing about designing a great essay is by arrangement and organization. It is easy to be given a topic and to write a few lines about it but after a couple of sentences you might find yourself in a position where you are wondering what else to say about the subject at hand. That is a tough spot to be in and sometimes it may seem as if you might end up repeating yourself but if you simply organize your thoughts you will surely create an expressive essay.

The first step is quite simple: Understanding the topic at hand! Make sure you know what it is you are going to be talking about. The last thing you need is to write a whole entire essay and then realize that you were completely off topic by the time you finish. By understanding the topic or prompt you are ready to begin the organization process and this applies to even topics you create yourself.

In addition to understanding the topic, discover what the point of the topic is and create your stance. Everyone has a specific way of thinking so when a certain topic is presented people will obviously react in different ways. Develop where you stand on a specific topic and from there understand why you feel that way yourself. And if the topic is asking a specific question then find the answer by doing research. Once you find out what the answer is then this brings us to the final part of organization: The Reasons.

In addition to understanding the topic and developing a stance or answer to a question, you must figure out the reasons as to why you feel the way you do or why the answer you gave is correct. You do this by creating and explaining three reasons as to why you feel the way you do or why your answer is logically correct. It is always good to create three reasons to follow up your stance or subject because it develops a simple yet strong essay.

In conclusion, the best way to start off an essay is by understanding or developing/designing a topic, processing your stance or answer, and developing three or more (three is basic for a strong essay) reasons followed by explanations as to why your answer is correct or why your stance has been made.



How To Write An Introductory Paragraph? 

The introductory paragraph can be considered one of the most important parts of the essay. It is the paragraph that is specifically designed to hook the reader in and present the topic that will be spoken about throughout the paper. Generally the introductory paragraph begins with a topic sentence that targets the audience and draws them in. Soon after the writer must present details that help narrow the topic down so they can finally lead into the thesis statement. A thesis statement is a sentence that gives three reasons that support the topic of discussion.

For example:

Music is more than just sounds coming out of your speaker that encourage you to dance or bob your head. Music is a form of art that can actually induce specific emotions to the listener. Music induces emotions because it can help people feel at ease during hard or turbulent times, excite you when you are bored, and make you feel the emotion of the artist who created the song itself.

Let Us Analyze!

In the above paragraph the topic sentence is: Music is more than just sounds coming out of your speaker that encourage you to dance or bob your head. This sentence acts as the hook drawing the reader in. based off this sentence we know that the essay is going to deal with music but the next question is “What about music?”

This is why soon after we need a specific sentence that narrows the topic down: Music is a form of art that can actually induce specific emotions to the listener. Now we know that the essay will deal with the feelings music gives people. But in order to support claims then we need the final part of the introductory paragraph: The Thesis Statement.

The Thesis Statement: Music induces emotions because it can help people feel at ease during hard or turbulent times, excite you when you are bored, and make you feel the emotion of the artist who created the song itself. This sentence acts as the final part of the paragraph that leads into the rest of the essay. It is a statement that mentions the topic (Music induces emotions) and provides three supporting reasons (it can help people feel at ease during hard or turbulent times, excite you when you are bored, and make you feel the emotion of the artist who created the song itself).


What To Do Before School Starts 

So school is right around the corner and you don’t feel mentally prepared and it’s taking a toll on your nerves. What do you do to get ready for the inevitable first day of school? It’s rather simple but having the will to do so has got to be the hardest part of it, but a good worker is organized and ready for what is next.

What Can the First Step Be?

Although there can be many ways to start of your preparation of school, the hardest one would be going to be early so it would be rather beneficial to knock this first step out first and foremost. Can you imagine starting off your first day of school exhausted with only a few hours of sleep because you didn’t want to put the game down or because you felt as if staying out a few more hours shouldn’t hurt? Besides, you have to give yourself enough time in the morning to get ready, have breakfast, and/or catch the bus. So set the clock and prepare for bed at a decent hour and believe me it will be worth it.

Besides Sleeping Early What Else Should I Do?

One step that may have crossed your mind already besides grabbing some new school clothes or making sure you didn’t miss your summer assignment is having your school supplies! This doesn’t mean just have a pencil and paper in your pocket at your disposal; we are talking about a backpack, binder, ruler, pens, pencils, calculators, and notebooks for various subjects. It does not matter if you are in high school or college, it is essential to have all the necessary supplies for school. Get those things!

Lastly, The Last And Most Rewarding Step!

Everyone is different so this step may not apply to all but sometimes some new school clothes might help in preparation for the new year. It’s a way to show you are starting fresh with a new mindstate. Clothes tend to show your attitude so if you want to make a good impression on teachers, professors, or faculty; a new set of clothes might actually do the trick. It is almost like going to a new job interview, you have to dress according to the job you are going for and also make a good impression. This is practice for the work world. So go out and get yourself some new threads, it’ll be a great way to help boost your confidence and excitement for the school year.

How Do I Execute My Thoughts Throughout The Paragraphs Of An Essay? 

How Do I Execute My Thoughts Throughout The Paragraphs Of An Essay? 

In an essay, a thesis statement should be presented in the introductory paragraph. A thesis statement is the sentence that states the main idea that is followed by reasons or details that support it. Let’s say that the thesis statement has three reasons that support the main idea; then it is your job to talk about those three reasons throughout the essay in each paragraph.

For example, let’s say the main idea of an essay is that dogs make great companions. Now you are going to need three reasons to support this claim. Let’s say the reasons are the following: They are loyal, they are fun to play with, and they are entertaining to simply watch. The thesis should read as “Dogs make great companions because they are loyal, are fun to play with, and are entertaining to watch.”

Now that we have a thesis, the rest of the essay should be rather simple because each paragraph should talk about those supporting details separately. In other words, one supporting detail per paragraph. Each paragraph should only explain one claim and not present any new claims.

For example, one paragraph should talk about how dogs are great companions because they are loyal, the next paragraph should talk about how dogs are good companions because they are fun to play with, and the next should be about how dogs are great companions because they are entertaining to watch.

The final paragraph should be your conclusion restating your thesis and summarizing your entire paper without presenting any new information.You should also leave your audience with a final thought to ponder with.


How Do I Write a Good Conclusion? 

The conclusion is the part of the paper that closes off the entire essay and leaves the audience with a final thought to ponder. The conclusion could be a bit tricky because it might be tempting to present new ideas but a good conclusion only restates the thesis statement in different words. The conclusion acts as a simple yet semi-informative synopsis to the entire essay.

The conclusion starts off with the thesis statement briefly describing each point made that supports the claim, then ends off with a final thought that the audience can leave with pondering about the paper. This can be a quote or even a question. But remember one important detail: Never present information that wasn’t previously discussed earlier in the paper.

For Example:

Let’s say the thesis statement was “Dogs make great companions because they are loyal, are fun to play with, and are entertaining to watch” and throughout the essay you dedicated one paragraph on each supporting details. Now at this point you should have a paper with great research and detail explaining each point, so what is there left to do? Conclude.

The first sentence of the conclusion should restate the thesis but also provide some of the research that supported the points; so it should read something like this(depending on the research given): “Dogs make great companions because they are more loyal than any friend you’d ever meet, are fun to play with when you are at the park, and are entertaining to watch when they are playing.”

In addition to restating the thesis, it is instrumental to give one final thought to end the essay off:

“Dogs are some of the best friends to have, who is your bestfriend?”


“Dogs will always be some of the best and most loyal companions to ever have in life.”


There are so many ways to design the final thought; that is all up to the writer.



Princeton University is a private institution that was founded in 1746 located in Princeton, New Jersey with a campus that is 600 acres. Princeton has a total undergraduate enrollment of 5,402 and is has a ranking of 1 in the 2017 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities. Princeton is a very challenging school to enter with an acceptance rate of 7%. The school tuition and fees are also $45,320 with room and board costing $14,770.

Princeton’s Mission

Princeton is known for integrating the strengths of a research university and the qualities of a liberal arts college. Princeton gives its students the tools needed to prepare them for leadership and success through independent study, student-initiated seminars, and lectures on emerging fields. Princeton is also known for its commitment to undergraduate teaching and it is not unlikely if students are being taught by professors who are  Nobel laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, and MacArthur fellows.

How Are The Academics for Princeton?

At Princeton the student to faculty ratio is 5:1 with approximately 70% of its classes with fewer than 20 students. Students are very satisfied with this university and it shows through its 98% freshman retention rate. Princeton has many majors but the most popular ones are Public Policy Analysis, Computer Engineering, Economics, History, and Psychology. The degrees offered are Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate’s.

Applying To Princeton University

The deadline to apply to Princeton University is January 1 (the same date that the ACT and/or SAT scores are due) and the early action deadline is November 1 with an application fee of $65. In order to be considered by Princeton the applicant’s grades must be exceptionally good with a GPA ranging from 3.87 to a solid 4.0. The ACT score must range from 31 to 35. The SAT Reading and Math scores must range from 730 to 800.

What Is The Key To College Success?

You think back when high school used to be the most challenging thing you could have ever done. All the heartbreaks, homework, and hard tests. Now you fast forward and you are ready for college and realize that the hardest part of life hasn’t even come yet, the real world is ahead of you and you are not sure what to expect.

The truth is there is a lot to expect. Times will be dark and other moments will be more than pleasurable. You will be staying up late at night and will be frustrated looking for on-campus parking because you accidentally slept in. You will be spending many boring nights reading a book assignment or writing essays with a ridiculous amount of pages required. You will be thrown in the mix of adults who will be held responsible for their own actions and will either be rewarded for how they manage their time or punished with failing grades. And you definitely don’t want to fail at a class in a school you worked so hard to get into.

Some say that the hardest part of college is the amount of freedom you have. Which is essentially true. You are an adult now and what comes with being an adult is the fact that there will be no one to babysit your every move. You are given your assignment and basically are left alone to handle your own business. This is one of the best and worst things about college since it will feel like you have so much power! But you must be smart and responsible with this power of freedom. Sometimes instead of getting up and walking out of class (yes you can do that) it would be more wise to stay and listen to the professor; instead of going out tonight maybe it would be wiser to work on one more page for that research paper that is due in a week.

Trust me, it is all worth it. You learn and grow as an adult. You learn to be more independent and rely on yourself. You learn how to do things on your own and create your own schedule and list of priorities. So to finalize this thought, the key to college success is prioritizing your time. It is okay to have fun and be with friends or family but one must remember to focus on what truly matters: Your class studies. High school is over and you are an adult with the freedom to do whatever you want but remember that your decisions matter and they will shape your future.


A Great Morning Routine Before School 

Believe it or not, the morning routine starts the night before school! If you want to have an easy and productive morning it is always beneficial to prepare during the night before. Here are simple and easy to do steps on how to execute a successful morning routine.

Step 1 Make sure you have all of your homework complete! That is the best way to be prepared in the morning. We have all been there; we have all procrastinated at some degree and completed the work needed to be done before the class it is due in is in session. This is a terrible idea that is not quite effective if you have a laundry list of things to do and speaking of laundry, onto our next step.

Step 2 Perhaps if you are very indecisive with your wardrobe it would be very wise if you decided to choose your outfit for the next day the night before school and I will also say taking a shower during this time is a good idea as well since showering can be somewhat time-consuming. Do this and in the morning you will have more time to do other things such as brush your teeth and fix your hair!

Step 3 The morning before school should be for breakfast. It is rewarding to wake up at a decent hour to either go to the bus and make it to school on time for breakfast or to wake up early enough to have your morning meal. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day so do not skip this.