How Are Essay Constructed

How Are Essays Constructed? 

The first paragraph of an essay or paper is always the introduction. It presents the topic of the paper and also provides the thesis statement. The introduction basically tells the audience what the rest of the paper or essay is going to be about without providing any real information or research. The introduction simply states the main points that the body paragraphs are going to focus on.

What Are Body Paragraphs?

The Body Paragraphs are what generally make the essay. They are the tools used to express the main points thoroughly in individual paragraphs: in other words one paragraph must only express one idea or point that enforces the thesis statement. A paragraph is always dedicated to and describes an idea and should never present more than one.

How Many Paragraphs Should Be In An Essay?

This is a question that is always asked and there typically is no real answer to this. It all just depends on the instructor and to your thesis or how well you want to make your point. A decent paper is about three pages long in length but sometimes a perfect paper may not even surpass page one! But if you want to make things easier, one page should contain about three paragraphs.


What Makes a Good College Essay?

How Do I Write a Great College Application Essay? 

It is probably very intimidating This is the essay that truly matters! It has to be perfect, right? Well not necessarily. Students often fret when writing essays because they want to follow the formula that has been given since they were in grade school. The truth is admission officers are constantly reading application essays and can tell when the essay is not genuine, if it is generic, or even plagiarized; and believe me they know when a student has gotten help from a parent.

What Should The First Step Be?

The best thing to do when approaching an essay is to understand the prompt thoroughly and to see if you can relate to it, apply it to your definition of the real world, or at least allow it to sink into your cognitive thinking. Why do this? So that you can understand the prompt and have your thoughts flourish with countless ideas and approaches

How Do I Organize Ideas?

So what do you do when you’re filled with all these new thoughts and ideas? Write them all down! Develop a form of outline for your essay and jot down all of your thoughts so you can organize all of your feelings, thoughts, ideas, etc. Then once you have a basic but well-rounded idea on how you want your essay then begin writing!

So Now The Writing Process…

When it comes to an admissions essay you ought to not look back at those old high school notes or papers. Chances are when you were writing those papers you were trying to satisfy the instructor’s prompt and get a good grade but here is the truth: This essay is meant to show the

reader who you are! It is meant to show the reader that you can get to the point and be concise by staying original and simply being yourself. Be creative and intuitive and work to not only satisfy the reader through fine work but even satisfy yourself through a paper that only you could write and no one else could ever. The whole point of an admissions essay is to show schools who you are! It is your voice and no one else’s. And after you are done with that wonderful essay there is one final yet simple step: Proofread. Always proofread your work and make sure it is exactly what you want to say and that every word and period is placed right where it is intended to be.

Is Joining a Student Organization a Good Idea?

Why Should I Join a Student Organization?

The college student life is bustling and full of work. It can be hard balancing life with homework, classes, and other personal commitments. But joining a student organization may not actually be detrimental to your mental health. It might actually be beneficial in helping you become a better student, worker, and even person. There are many reasons why one should join a student organization at their college but here is a small list of why YOU should join.

People Skills

A student organization is made up of many individuals from different walks of life and ideologies and one way to understand everyone’s point of view is to communicate. Communicating is the best way to have healthy relationships and with the help of a student organization you can become a better communicator and gain the right people skills to learn how people think and work with them. You’d be surprised how successful you’d be in life once you learn how to interact with not only people you are familiar with bit even people you have just met.

You Will Be Able To Network

It is not selfish to try to connect with people to gain leverage in your career path. This is simply networking and making connections and it will benefit you and the person who you are trying to network with. Life is all about building relationships with people so you can venture forward and help yourself and those who are with you. If someone were to recommend you to someone else and you impress them with great work or skill then not only are you helping yourself but the other person who recommended you. And it works vice versa.

It Will Be A Wonderful Experience

Not only will you gain so much real world experience, great people skills, and the ability network successfully; you will also have a wonderful time. Student organizations are a great way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of school and work. Student organizations can be fun as you make new friends and and participate in activities that will make your college experience even better.

How to Build a Resume

Time For A Job Resume 

You are about to go to college and you know you are going to need money. So what do you do? You find a job! But what do you say on your resume when you haven't really done much except for be a student? There is so much to include so don’t underestimate yourself!

What Have you Been Dedicated To?

Employers aren’t otherworld beings with no sense or emotions. All they seek are people who can contribute to their company and become an important asset. They seek people who can dedicate themselves to something and stick with it. So think about it: What have you done in high school that you are proud of or have been dedicated to? Have you joined student clubs or organizations? Were you a valued member of a sports team? Were you a part of an academic program? These are all things that can pose as great attributes to employers.

What Other Activities Did You Do Outside Of School?

Think about the things you were dedicated to outside of school. What did you spend your time doing besides homework? Did you mow lawns for money or even babysat the neighbor’s kid? Did you ever do any volunteer work for either church or school? There are so many things you could choose from. Don’t fret if you haven’t gotten any volunteer work under your belt because it is never too late to look into it.

What else Can I Add To My Resume Besides Things I’ve Done?

One of the most important parts of a resume is your skills list. This list can consist of many  of your personal attributes that you consider to be really instrumental in why you would be an important aspect to the company. You can include computer skills and if you have a good work ethic. You can mention that you are a great team leader or know how to follow directions. You can mention your mathematics skills and so much more. It all depends on what you think you are good at!

Get Insight To The Life of a College Student

What Is The Life Of A College Student Like? 

The life of a college student is one that is filled with busy workloads and tremendous fun. You will feel tired in class and also be eager to learn something new. The life of a college student is great and although it can be bustling it is worth all the effort.

Work And Homework

You will definitely be stuck with a lot on your plate but it isn’t something to be afraid of. You will have tons of homework, you will need time to study, and if you have a job you might be treading down the path of “no life.” But I don’t believe this will happen to you if you simply prioritize your time and schedule wisely. This is something that all initiated student practice. And of course this may not be true for all students because some might welcome the workload and enjoy being a busy student but some want to enjoy life to the fullest as they tackle down college and be successful.

The Money Issue

College students are notorious for being broke all the time! You have to buy books and pay for housing if you want on-campus dormitories. Students might splurge and go through a loan check rather quickly and be in the hole in a week and others might save their financial aid checks and work on the side to have a little spending money to enjoy the fruits of college adventure.


A big part of the college student life is the discovery of who one truly is. A student will learn so much about themselves throughout these few years of adulthood and these experiences will prepare them for the future. Apart from the hustle and bustle of long classes, homework, and hours of study one of the things a student must work to achieve is their sense of “self.” Just stay focused and keep your eye on the prize.

Did You Know Which Colleges are Top 3 in Our Nation

The Top Three Colleges of Our Nation 

Princeton University

Princeton University is a private institution that was founded in 1746 and is amongst the oldest colleges in the United States. It is Located in the town of Princeton, New Jersey on a campus covered in ivy. Princeton includes highly ranked graduate programs through the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and School of Engineering and Applied Science. One unique aspect of Princeton's academic program is that undergraduate students are required to write a senior thesis, or for students in some engineering departments, take on an independent project. Notable alumni include U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, model/actress Brooke Shields and former first lady Michelle Obama.

Harvard University

Harvard University is a private institution that was founded in 1636 located outside of Boston in Cambridge, Massachusetts and was named after a Puritan Minister John Harvard. Harvard is made up of 13 schools and institutes, including the top-ranked Business School and Medical School and the highly ranked Graduate Education School, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Law School and John F. Kennedy School of Government. Eight U.S. presidents graduated from Harvard College, including Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. Other notable alumni include Henry David Thoreau and Helen Keller. Harvard University was founded in 1636 colonial America by the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The school was initially created to educate members of the clergy, according to the university’s archives.

University Of Chicago

The University of Chicago is a private institution that was founded in 1890 and offers a rich campus life in a big-city setting.  The school is located in the Hyde Park neighborhood, former home of past president Barack Obama. Obama taught at the University of Chicago Law School for 12 years. The University of Chicago is known for its location as well as its rigorous academic and enrichment programs. In addition to the college, the university has postgraduate offerings that include the highly ranked Booth School of Business, Law School, Pritzker School of Medicine and Harris School of Public Policy Studies.

Need A College Advisor? Why Should You Hire A College Consultant?

Why Should I Hire A Prep Counselor? 

A prep counselor is not just another one of those people who sit in an office telling you what it is you need to do to be successful. The whole role of a prep counselor is to work with you one on one and get to know you as an individual so they can serve your best interests.

What Is The Difference Between High School Counselors and Prep Counselors?

Both are counselors, sure. But there is a huge difference between a counselor who has to work with a group of 300 to 400 students from a class grade and a counselor who has to work with only you and a few others. A college prep counselor will figure out what it is you want out of life through a series of conversations and diagnostics and will put you on the path you want. Prep counselors will look at your college choices and help you create a more concise list that best suits what you really want!  High School counselors are wonderful but prep counselors are private guides who will work with you till you are in the college you want and are on the path to success.

So Prep Counselors Only Help Me Choose A College?

That isn’t necessarily true. Sure they will help you get accepted by the college you are most interested in by narrowing down your list of choices to a select few that best suit your academic interests, but prep counselors guide the students when they are stressed and walk along the parent's side when they worried about their child. They help ease the workload of a parent who is eager to see their child succeed but are not sure where to start. They help the student figure themselves out and seek what it is that is truly important to them.

The Relationships Developed

For a High School counselor when the student graduates the tie is usually lost as the student moves forward and the counselor continues on to their next batch of 300 to 400 kids. For a prep consultant who truly cares they will always be there for the student whenever needed as they venture through college. A prep consultant will never forget the student and will always be proud of the work done and the accomplishment of the student.

College Essay Help

A Great Conclusion To A Paper? 

To write a great conclusion you must understand that this is your last chance to impress the reader or audience. The point of the conclusion is to summarize all of your main points without introducing any new ideas and leaving the reader with one final thought.

What Does A Conclusion Accomplish?

A conclusion essentially serves three purposes: To restate the idea of the essay or paper, sum up the thesis, and leave an everlasting impression.

For Example: in a paper that talks about how college is someone’s main goal because they want to become a doctor, would want to be the first in the family to graduate and would help those the writer loves most, and would want to be able to live a happy and luxurious life the conclusion should read something like below

College has always been my goal. I have always wanted to be a doctor and live a happy and luxurious life. I will be the first to graduate in my family and when I do I will help those i love most. There are many obstacles in life but I will overcome all and succeed no matter what.

The conclusion summarizes the main point of the essay and then proceeds to restate the subpoints made to support the thesis. Finally the essay leaves the audience with one last impression to sternly show the passion of the paper.

Must Have Items to Take When Packing for College

You’re Off To College, What Do You Pack? 

You’re going to college and it is going to be a long way from home, so what do pack for your travels? You have to be prepared when you leave for the big trip and you definitely don’t want to be on the plane or train ride and then realize you missed something at the last minute.

First and Foremost, What You Need For School

When you leave for school in the morning do ever just forget your backpack? Nine times out of 10 you usually do not because it is an essential thing you need for your day. Obviously you are not just going to pack a backpack and call it a day for school supplies, you will also need to pack your binders, notebooks, laptop/computer, and all the tools needed for your first day of school! Afterall it is a trip to school.

Clothes to Wear!

Now we are not talking about the most stylish clothing money can buy we are talking about the clothes that are appropriate to where you are going! Find out how hot or cold it gets there and pack the attire necessary to survive the climate. And of course, bring the clothes you would like to wear that suits your stylistic standards.

Finally, Stuff For Your Dorm

When you get to your dorm room you are going to want to make yourself feel right at home so bring whatever you need. If you aren’t sure what that is then call up the housing office and find out what the room comes with and then from there figure out what you should bring to the room to make yourself feel comfortable.

What is the Purpose of Going to College?

Why Do You Go To College? 

Students often aren’t sure what they are going to do after high school graduation and if they want to go to college they aren’t sure as to why. Maybe this can help.

You Will Have More Opportunities

College broadens the horizon of opportunity for you. Degrees aren’t just pieces of paper that tells an  employer you can work on a specific field, it is a document that verifies that you have been trained and are skilled in the craft of your desire. It shows that you cared enough about a specific field and wanted to invest time and money into it until you became an expert. And this opens the door of opportunity to you and the employer who will now gain an important and valuable asset to a company.

Education Makes You Money

Having an education will give you opportunity and these opportunities will make you money especially if you seek to be awarded higher degrees. When you get an education or degree it shows that you are well-qualified for the job and that you deserve to be paid handsomely for the effort of becoming knowledgeable in your chosen profession.

Connections Can Be Made For A Lifetime

College is full of different people from many walks of life. It is a place where you can find others who share the same interest as you and develop relationships that may never die. And apart from making great friends you will be in a position where you can network and meet people who can be helpful when it comes to finding jobs or opportunities.