How To Prepare For A Midterm 

Midterms can be very stressful especially when you want to have that perfect score. So what do you do to achieve your goal? There are many ways for you to do so and it all depends on what you feel comfortable and most confident with so here are a few tips for you so you can tackle that midterm!

Conduct/Review Your Notes

Now this may be obvious but one of the best ways to study for a test is to take notes that you can use as a reference for when you are confused or just need to remember something. Repetition definitely will help you in learning something and writing down information is a way of engraving it into your head. So take good notes and always look back at them! It will definitely help you.

Ask Questions

Students have a hard time asking questions because of a fear of appearing dumb but a smart person is constantly asking questions as they seek new information. Midterms are serious business therefore you don’t want to be foggy on any topic or subject. So ask your teacher questions in private or in front of the class. You can even ask one of your fellow peers and this might even help you form a study group. Remember that the only dumb question is one the one that is never asked. And speaking of study groups..


In a real college class you must study for your exams and especially for the midterm. Studying is the best and most efficient way to pass or understand something. And you shouldn’t cram your studying into a single night. Plan out your study sessions; get with a buddy; dedicate an evening to studying. Midterms are very important and you wouldn’t want to get a bad grade on that assignment

How to Have a Successful Semester in College!!!!

How To Have A Successful Semester 

You might think that people who have above 3.5 GPAs are geniuses and maybe a few are but in actuality many are simply smart with how they spend their time. It isn’t that you are not capable of having very good grades, it may be that you aren’t looking at the bigger picture and realizing that success starts early on in the semester

So How Do I Get The Grades I Want?

You start early! In the beginning of every semester you start with a 4.0 and the goal is to maintain that 4.0 by studying, turning in your work, and not missing class. I have learned that when you work hard in the beginning of the semester and take the work you have seriously not only will you be accustomed to doing your work by the middle of the semester you will also be able to take the remainder of it a little easier and more stress free. Students who slack off in the beginning will always end up having to play catch up and that won't be good for your mind or grade since you will not be putting in your full effort just enough to get a decent passing grade.

You Must Learn How To Manage Your Time!

Now this takes discipline and determination. You don’t want to overwork yourself or sell yourself short by putting in medium to no effort. Know when it is the right time to hang out with friends and when to say no because you have to study tonight. In addition, also know when to relax and take the edge off. You need to get plenty of rest and keep your mind sharp for class and have plenty of time for your homework!

Set Goals!

Have something to work towards whether it be short term or long term. Tell yourself you want that A and act upon that goal. Reward yourself after getting a perfect score on a test or paper. Setting goals is great but remember to stay dedicated to that goal and keep your eye on the ball!

Want to Create a Great Research Paper?

How To Create A Research Paper 

Research papers are typically reports or essays that present your interpretation of specific information. Research papers take a lot of work and reading and one must understand all of the information before diving into a research paper.

How to Start A Research Paper

Do your research! Find multiple sources and analyze the information. Take notes on the topic and develop thoughts and key points. Define each key point and keep searching for more information to back up your argument or to better explain your topic.

Thought Organization

After finding your information much like any other paper you must organize your thoughts and determine how much information you want to present. Remember that each paragraph presents only one specific point therefore knowing each point is beneficial. Understand your topic or argument and develop valid points that you can define and thoroughly explain in one paragraph (remember that one paragraph must only have one idea).

The Writing Process

You may think that this is the hardest part but believe me knowing that one paragraph must only have one point with its explanation is very helpful. Think about it this way: research the topic and come up with a list of different things that further your point and define each point. This list of notes will be your research database and reference. If you have great noites then you will have no problem doing your paper.

Is Studying Important?

Benefits of Studying 


Getting good grades is very rewarding and it make you feel like you are on top of the class. But it takes hard work and real effort to get those grades. So what do you do? You study! Studying is the most efficient way to improve test scores and grades. Here are a few tips on how to study!




  • Organize your notes. Keep a notebook for each class and folders to keep all class material in its proper place. Note cards are always helpful too!
  • Take thorough notes from lectures and textbooks and other sources.
  • Agendas are always useful as well. They help organize your life. You can set up a study schedule.


Study Space


  • Dedicate a space where you have all the materials necessary to help you study such as pencils, paper, books, laptop etc.
  • Make sure it's distraction free! You can either go to your room or your favorite coffee shop. It all depends on where you know you won’t be distracted!


How Often Do You Study?


  • Don’t procrastinate! Studying doesn't have to be for hours the night before. It could be 20-30 minutes in between classes or while you're having lunch or whenever you have free lunch.
  • A student who does not review material can forget 80% of what has been learned in only two weeks!
  • Review frequently throughout the course so you retain more information. Its best to review what you just learned soon after you actually learned it. Then continue to do so throughout the course to help prep for the test.

Want to Be a Great Note Taker?

How To Take Great Notes 

In college taking notes is the must-do part of class. But do you really know how to take notes? How effective are your notes and do they help you pass tests? Teachers assume that you are automatically going to know what to write down when they are giving their lectures or when you are reading a book. So to help you take the best notes here are some great tips!

What Do You Write Down?

This is probably the hardest part of taking notes for students. Sometimes information is just flying past your head it is hard to capture! So what is it that must go into your notes and how do you determine if information is relevant? Well to make it simple you literally have to read the material or pay close attention and listen for key points. This includes information that may pose as valuable such as names and dates, definitions, or the exercises presented in readings. Also if your teacher or professor emphasizes something in particular then more than likely you should write it down especially if your teacher has written on the board or has told you to write it down!

What Are Great Ways To Take Notes?

Bullet Points and Underlining: Yes this may seem obvious but by outlining what is important you definitely will have an easier time remembering the information. Create bullet points and make a list of great information that may seem useful for a test.

Cornell Notes: Cornell notes are very effective. By drawing a line in between the paper on one side writing a key point and on the other defining it you are essentially exercising your memory and it will be neatly organized for you to revise at any time.

The concept of notes is simple: to write down important information so you can use it as a reference. But not only is this true you are also making it easier for you to remember the information by repeating it in your head and on a paper or laptop.

Just Starting College?

Starting A New College 


Now college can be very intimidating. It is a huge new place full of many different people of all ages. You got the whole school thing down but you want to enjoy your time.So what do you do?


Get Involved


When you are in college there is so much to get involved with such as clubs, sports, and programs. You just have to find something you feel like you would be very interested in. doing this will not only help you with being more involved but it will help you make new friends!


Making New Friends


Should have seen this one coming! College doesn’t have to be just you going to class and going back home or to your dorm. As you involve yourself more you will be meeting new people including other students and faculty. You will make new connections that not only will expand your friendships but it may also benefit you in the future in your career.


Going To Events


It will definitely benefit you and your social life if you involve yourself with college events. You will be meeting awesome people and enjoying the fruits of your college campus. So go to the football games and check out the talent shows. You might end up finding something you didn't even know you were looking for!

Scholarships for Women

Scholarships for Women 


Statistically women outnumber men on college campuses and there are plenty of scholarships being offered to them! This is to encourage women to take leading roles. Here are three scholarships being offered


Business Scholarships: there is a number of scholarships being offered to female students who are seeking to join the business world. In some cases these scholarships are being offered by women-led business who want to help young women pay for their college tuition.  For example, the WIIT Charitable Trust offers a merit-based scholarship twice a year to encourage women to pursue their interests in international trade and global development.


STEM Scholarships: Women who are interested in pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering or math (or STEM) will find plenty of scholarships waiting for them. This field is mostly male-dominated so these scholarships are offered to attract more women so they too can have the same opportunities. Such scholarships include the Society of Women Engineers, which gave out about 230 scholarships worth $750,000 in 2016.


Diversity and Minority Scholarships: these scholarships are offered to women of minority or ethnic groups so they too can pay for college and get ahead. These scholarships include (but are not limited to) the Chicana/Latina Foundation Scholarship program which offers 35 scholarships at $1,500 each to women and also the Girls Who Illustrate Awesomeness scholarship which is open to young women or gender nonconforming individuals of color.

How Do I Pick a Major?

How To Pick A Major In College 


Picking your major might be a little confusing for many students since not everyone has it all figured out their first semester. Sometimes it may take up to the third semester to finally have it all figured out. That's just life and reality. But if you want some help; here are some guidelines to help you out a bit!


First Of All What Is A Major?


A major is your specialized area of study. It is essentially the whole reason you go to college. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will only get a job that has to do with your major; this just means you are on your way to becoming an expert to the field of your choosing.


How Do I Choose A Major?


Sometimes you’ll be watching a movie and see a doctor performing surgery then suddenly you are inspired to join the medical field or you see a superhero show the suddenly want to join law. It all depends on what you love. What is it that you like to do? Is it art? Writing? Music? Sometimes colleges even allow you to create your own major. Find your passion and learn more about it.


What If I Change My Mind?


This is okay to do. One of the best things about college is that you are experiencing a whole lot and will be exposed to many different things! You might  think that you love music then realize you have a passion for creative writing. And if that is the case; schedule a meeting with your counselor and get the ball rolling!