Our Philosophy

College Prep Consultants LLC’s philosophy is to help produce a well-educated society. Having good human nature and high aspirations can only get you so far but if you add education along with moral virtues, you have the whole package. Our limitations come from lack of experience and knowledge.

We believe that we limit ourselves when we do not have the whole story. When we educate ourselves, we understand the choices before us and then our good sense and moral being help us make the right choice.

With education, you can reach your potential and know how to contribute to society so you can pass it on to the next generation because it becomes your duty to do so. Our goal is to help find the college or university that is the “best fit” for the students so that the student will succeed academically and be socially.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of students through professional support and guidance and to help students achieve their highest potential, as they grow and become confident, empathetic and competent individuals who serve their community.

It is our vision to empower others to become life-long learners, to see learners who can be productive and socially aware members of society, to produce students who possess the confidence and enthusiasm to do well for themselves and others, and to empower students who possess the vision to cope with change.

We will be a catalyst in the process of social influence, in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others for the accomplishment of a common task. We will use this skill for the betterment of society, and through this influence and leadership cause social change. The connections made by our efforts will leave life long transitory impression for future return.

What We Do

College Applications
Essay writing and brainstorming
SAT/ACT test prep
Scholarships, Grants
Financial Aid (FAFSA)
College list
College Interview

Student Career Assessments
Develop personal statements
Summer programs
Activities Resume
Student Profile
Final college decision