College Acceptance for Em Class of 2021



New York University (Steinhardt Scholarship)

Manhattan School of Music

Lynn University (Academic Scholarship)

Marymount Manhattan (Academic Scholarship)

Point Park (Academic Scholarship and admitted to Honors Program)

SUNY Fredonia


University of Arizona (Academic Scholarship)

Baldwin Wallace

JMU (Academic Scholarship)

Montclair State (Academic Scholarship)

SUNY Cortland

Ashlyn Class of 2021

Arvi has done a beyond excellent job helping me write my essays for college. I am confident that she has done beyond her best to help me through my journey to college. I appreciated her time and effort and am so glad I got to work with her. I highly recommend that you do the same!!

Hirshal Class of 2021

I enjoyed working with the College Prep Consultants team! They helped me reach my academic goal and college aspirations. They worked with me throughout my high school career and helped prepare me each step of the way!

Ram Class of 2021

This business gave me the confidence I lacked in myself. I was crippled by fear that I wouldn't be able to get into any colleges and I've gotten into four so far. I probably wasn't the best student but the advisors I worked with set me on the right path and gave me the push I needed to have a successful future.

Emily Class of 2021

If you’re about to go through the college application process, I definitely recommend CPC!! They have been so helpful throughout my process, from helping me write college and scholarship essays to offer tutors and SAT prep. They’ve been a really great resource to me and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Hector Class of 2021

Dear Arvi,

First of all, thank you for all your help and dedication in making this COVID-19 college application season better and easier.
After long hours of essays, answering questions, lists, meetings, and submitting applications, these are the results for Hector and his final decision:
1) Ohio State University, Columbus- Morrill Scholar Law & Society/ Prominence Scholarship 4-year value $140,072
2) Loyola University Chicago/ Presidential Scholarship 4-year value $100,000
3) Arizona State University Barrett Honors College / Provost's Award 4-year value $48,000
4) Syracuse University/ Dean's Scholarship 4-year value $40,000
5) Temple University/ Founder's Scholarship 4-year value $36,000
6) Penn State University Schreyers Honors College/ Academic Excellence Scholarship 4-year value $20,000
7) UC Davis
8) Florida State University
Total Value in Scholarships - $384,072 (to bad this is not all accumulated for the individual student instead of per college)