Choose the Right College

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a College 


Rushing The Selection Process

First of all a mistake to avoid is rushing the selection process. You want to start searching for a college as soon as you possibly can to ensure you get into the right one. You do not want start late and risk getting into the wrong school choosing the most convenient one.


Considering The Rank

When choosing a college considering its rank can be something that may influence your choice in the selection process. Now although a college rank can showcase how prestigious a school is it is often better to consider the school’s strength in your intended major. Now what is more important? Going to a school because it looks good on your resume or actually attending an institute that will benefit your career.


Following Your Best Friends

One of the worst mistakes that can be made is going to a college because you want to stay close to your friends or even your sweetheart. A college is an investment and making the wrong choice will hurt you in the long run. If your friends are willing to invest in their future then you should as well.


Assume All Colleges Are The Same

All colleges are different when it comes to rank and  and prestige so it would be detrimental to assume all universities or educational institutes are the same. Each college has a different emphasis on how students learn. Some schools might focus more on teaching its students while others might focus more on research. As you search for the perfect college discover the similarities and also uncover the differences.

Passion or Reality

Passion vs Reality

Sometimes we know and sometimes we don’t. That is the beauty of growing up and living your day to day life. We look at those who seem to have got it made and think that we wish we were them because they have got it so easy but the truth is that everyone had to figure it out somehow.


There is no other way to go about this other than to tell you that you have to stay focused and figure out the one thing you love to do. Now sometimes what you love to do is not a career that is easy to attain and it is hard to admit that some things are not tangible but this does not mean you have to completely let go of your passion because it is hard to make money off of it. Keep it as a hobby and find a way to tie in your passion with your skills.


Maybe you are a talented artist or maybe you are a skillful musician; continue to work on what it is you love while at the same time applying your talents to your education. Maybe you can teach music or art to others and become a role model to someone else’s life and become an inspiration to others because regardless of how outlandish your dreams were you still managed to stay true to your craft while at the same time making it a job.


The bottom line, school is important and so are your passions and although some people get luckier than others this does not mean that you can’t use your talents anymore. You can make your dreams a reality and I honestly believe you can.

Where Do I Look for Scholarships

Where Do I Look For Scholarships?

You probably are tired of hearing about scholarships and you are convinced on looking for some but now begs the question: Where do you look? Here is a list of some scholarships you can look into!


Scholars Helping Collars Scholarship

This is a great scholarship for the high school senior who has a passion for helping animals in need. All you have to do is submit an essay that talks about how involving yourself in such efforts has changed your life and you must also submit photos of you volunteering!


Project Yellow Light Billboard Design Contest Scholarship

A scholarship for the high school senior who wants to keep drivers safe. To be considered one must design a billboard advertisement that encourages drivers to drive safely without distraction and not text!


STEM Scholarship

You show your passion for the STEM field and have a plan to major in it. To be considered you must fill out a questionnaire.


Live Mas Scholarship

For this scholarship, which is granted to those who are between the ages of 16 to 24, you must submit a video that is up to two minutes describing the story of your life’s passion.

What to Know When Starting College Search

I Am Just Starting The College Search

There are so many wonderful colleges to choose from but you must find the perfect one for you. Now remember that the perfect college for your friends may not be the perfect college for you so when searching for a college there is so much to consider! Below we have a small checklist to get you started and on your way to the steps of a college campus.


What Do You Want To Do?

This is the most important question when it comes to searching for a college. What is it that you want to do as a career? Do you want to be a doctor or professor? Are you looking into attaining a degree in forensic science? Once you figure this part out the you are one step closer to finding the college that better suits your needs and wants.


Seek Private College Counseling

Not everyone can simply do it on their own and for the most part many need a support system that is willing to dedicate time and effort to ensure you get the best you can out of your education. Private counselors are here to point you to the right direction and focus on you and only a handful of others unlike a high school counselor who dedicates their time to 30 others. Private counselors will help you find your talents and skills so that you can sharpen them for college and prepare you for the future.


Apply for Scholarships

Scholarships are designed to further your education by granting you financial aid and are given to those who meet a certain standard or criteria that reflect the donor or founder of the award. There are many scholarships that can fit your skills and passions so look into them; they are literally a search away!


Bottom Line

Searching for colleges can be strenuous but if you narrow down your list by uncovering your skills and figuring out what you want to do, applying for scholarships, grants, or financial aid, and/or seeking counseling that can help guide you through the process you will be on your way to success.

As A Senior in High School What Should I Be Doing?

What Should High School Seniors Do Right Now?

Let us take the time to celebrate that you have made it passed years of hard work and academic dedication. You are at the edge of what was then to what will become of you. And although some things may be clearer more now than ever the ride is still not over.


Do Not Fall Victim Of Senioritis

It is only natural for this to happen to those who have worked so hard that in the end it seems that slacking off a little bit won’t cause any harm. I advise you to stay dedicated and put in your all no matter how late in the game it is. End this year off with a bang an be the best you can for yourself.


Start Narrowing Your College Search

This is the perfect time to shorten your list of a colleges so that you can focus on the few that have better things to offer you in order for you to succeed. Schedule some college tours and seek out the college that was designed for your dreams. If you have the right resume then these colleges will be looking for you!


Schedule Some College Tours

Visit the colleges you want to get into so. Campus tours are a perfect way to find the best college for you since instead of looking at a brochure or online blog you will be walking the campus itself and seeing the life the school has to offer!


Enjoy Yourself

Yes it is stressful and yes you should not slack off but this does not mean you cannot enjoy your last year as a highschooler. Enjoy this time because there will not be a next. After this it’s all about independence and figuring things out for yourself so have a little fun and create a bucket list of things to do before the year ends.

Top 5 Schools With The Best 4-Year Graduation Rate

Top 5 Schools With The Best 4-Year Graduation Rate 


Most students go to college with the intention to finish in four years but changing or adding majors, or taking time off for personal reasons can extend your stay at a school to 5 years or more. This may be costly since your tuition and fees will be enhanced. In spite of these factors the following schools have the highest graduation rates for students who finish in 4 years.


  1. Pomona College in Claremont, CA 92%  Pomona College has around 45 majors and offers a 8:1 student-faculty ratio. Pomona students can also take classes at the other six colleges in the Claremont Colleges consortium. More than half of Pomona students study abroad through the nearly 50 programs Pomona offers in approximately 30 countries.


  1. Davidson College in Davidson, NY 90% Davidson offers more than 20 undergraduate majors. In 2007, Davidson became the nation's first liberal arts college to replace loans with grants in all financial aid packages with its initiative called The Davidson Trust, giving all students the chance to graduate free of debt. With more than 200 student organizations on campus, there are a variety of ways for students to get involved.


  1. Georgetown University in Washington, DC 90% Georgetown comprises several undergraduate, graduate and professional schools. There are numerous traditional residence halls, and freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus. Other students choose to live in the townhouses and apartments surrounding campus. Notable alumni include former U.S. President Bill Clinton, actor Bradley Cooper, journalist Maria Shriver and Hall of Fame basketball player Patrick Ewing.


  1. University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame, IN 90% Notre Dame is located in South Bend, Ind., just 100 miles outside of Chicago. Only freshmen are required to live on campus, but most students choose to remain on campus in one of the 29 single-sex residence halls. Notre Dame is divided into eight schools and colleges, the largest of which is the College of Arts and Letters. Notre Dame’s graduate and professional programs include the highly ranked Mendoza College of Business and Law School in addition to a well-regarded School of Architecture, which offers undergraduate and graduate programs.

5. Boston College in Chestnut Hill, MA 89% Boston College, located just outside downtown Boston, was founded by the Society of Jesus and has maintained its Roman Catholic Jesuit religious affiliation. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching classifies it as a university with high research activity. The school competes in nearly 30 NCAA Division I varsity sports in the Atlantic Coast Conference, and the BC Eagles have one of the highest graduation rates for student athletes in the country. Students can join more than 200 clubs and organizations, but there is no Greek system on campus

College Essays

Sample of Essay Questions From College Admission 


The college essay is the most important part of the college application and it is where admission officers get their first impression of you to see what type of person you are. Admission officers aren’t searching for someone who has a dictionary for a brain or who a master of the english language; they are merely searching for someone who can bring them into their minds and introduce them to their world. Below are a list of prompts that have been used in the yesteryear.



Often times colleges will want to know where you come from and who some of your major influences are. This is to give colleges an inside-look into why you are the way you are.


  • Pick an experience from your own life and explain how it has influenced your development.
  • How has your family background affected the way you see the world?
  • How has your education contributed to who you are today?


Social Topics

Colleges would want to see if you are aware of the current world around and see how you would solve political and social issues. This is to test your problem solving skills and see how up-to-date you are on current events.


  • What do you consider to be the single most important societal problem? Why?
  • What do you see as the greatest threat to the environment today?
  • Reflect on a time when you questioned or challenged a belief or idea. What prompted your thinking? What was the outcome?



Many college essay prompts are straightforward and relate to your background, the world around you, or even your education. But there are slo questions that require you to think creatively and impress the admission officer with your wits.


  • Choose a person or persons you admire and explain why.
  • Choose a book or books and that have affected you deeply and explain why.
  • You’ve just reached your one millionth hit on your YouTube video. What is the video about?

How Do I Pay for College

How To Pay For College

You have been accepted into the college of your dreams! Now it is time to pack your bags and start this new chapter! But first there is one thing to discuss and that is how you are going to pay for school. There are many ways; some easier than others but you can make it work and i know you can since you have made it this far.


Financial Aid

Applying for grants is the easiest way to go about this. It is as simple as google searching FAFSA and filling out the form and turning it in. these grants are awarded by the school and do not need to be paid back.



It may seem redundant by now but applying for scholarships can be very helpful for you as it is based on your skills and talent. Ask a high school or private counselor for the best scholarships out there.


Get a Job

Of course this is obvious but is a great way to discipline yourself and immerse yourself in the real world by having various responsibilities such as school and work and you will have a little money on the side too that you have earned!

I Got Accepted!!! Now What?

What To Do When Accepted To A College


You have been accepted into the colleges of your dreams, what is there to do now? Obviously you celebrate and tell everyone while feeling proud of such an accomplishment. But like all celebrations there comes and end to it and eventually it is time to get back to business.


Find the Best Suited School

You have worked so hard to get to this point just so you can be noticed and accepted and much like any dedicated student there are going to be more than one college that you are interested in and have become interested in you. This is the time to uncover the pros and cons of your college choices and find the best fit. Consider what these schools have to offer. How will you do that for sure?


You Guessed It, Schedule Some Campus Tours

I am sure you have already done the campus tours but you can never be too certain. So schedule some more tours and dissect the mind of your tour-guides. College is an investment therefore you want to make the right choice.


Unravel the Finances

Now knowing what how much money is needed for you college choices is very important. Think about tuition and the costs of your books and necessary gear. Also consider the grants that are offered and scholarships you were accepted into.  


Lastly Be Sure The Choice You Are Making Is Yours

There have been so many cases where a student chooses a school because someone recommended it or because they’re chasing a friend or loved one. The final choice is yours and no one else’s so do not try to follow the footsteps of another if it does not feel right to you. Remember that this is your future and no one else’s.

Why Should I Go to College?

Why College?

I simply want to take the time to tell a story of why college is important and why students should always consider a higher education above all else. First of all with a college degree you open the doors to many different opportunities. I have met countless employers who have said that they will always pick the candidate who has had college experience. Now why is that?


It is because a college degree proves that you can be dedicated and focused to the task at hand. Employers want to see that you are an expert and they want to see that you can stay committed. Now I do not mean to disrespect anyone who does not have a college degree of any sort especially they have become a true success even though they did not have one. But in the real world there is competition and you have to try to be as good as if not more qualified than your opposition. But this does not mean you have to close everyone off.


Network with others and build relationships. That is another reason why college is a great place since you can team up with others and further your ideas and strengthen your credibility. College is great key to open doors and the more you further your education the wider those doors become. Now I truly believe in this and in time you might just see what I see in you. And what is that? Intelligence that needs more nurturing. Intelligence that has the potential to do greater and bigger things and so i truly believe that College Prep Consultants can help you. We are not here to tell you what to do but to merely guide you as you unravel your skills and discover that you are exactly what those big time colleges are looking for.