College Acceptance for Em Class of 2021



New York University (Steinhardt Scholarship)

Manhattan School of Music

Lynn University (Academic Scholarship)

Marymount Manhattan (Academic Scholarship)

Point Park (Academic Scholarship and admitted to Honors Program)

SUNY Fredonia


University of Arizona (Academic Scholarship)

Baldwin Wallace

JMU (Academic Scholarship)

Montclair State (Academic Scholarship)

SUNY Cortland

Hirshal Class of 2021

I enjoyed working with the College Prep Consultants team! They helped me reach my academic goal and college aspirations. They worked with me throughout my high school career and helped prepare me each step of the way!

Ram Class of 2021

This business gave me the confidence I lacked in myself. I was crippled by fear that I wouldn't be able to get into any colleges and I've gotten into four so far. I probably wasn't the best student but the advisors I worked with set me on the right path and gave me the push I needed to have a successful future.

Emily Class of 2021

If you’re about to go through the college application process, I definitely recommend CPC!! They have been so helpful throughout my process, from helping me write college and scholarship essays to offer tutors and SAT prep. They’ve been a really great resource to me and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Hector Class of 2021

Dear Arvi,

First of all, thank you for all your help and dedication in making this COVID-19 college application season better and easier.
After long hours of essays, answering questions, lists, meetings, and submitting applications, these are the results for Hector and his final decision:
1) Ohio State University, Columbus- Morrill Scholar Law & Society/ Prominence Scholarship 4-year value $140,072
2) Loyola University Chicago/ Presidential Scholarship 4-year value $100,000
3) Arizona State University Barrett Honors College / Provost's Award 4-year value $48,000
4) Syracuse University/ Dean's Scholarship 4-year value $40,000
5) Temple University/ Founder's Scholarship 4-year value $36,000
6) Penn State University Schreyers Honors College/ Academic Excellence Scholarship 4-year value $20,000
7) UC Davis
8) Florida State University
Total Value in Scholarships - $384,072 (to bad this is not all accumulated for the individual student instead of per college)

Best Part of College

The Best Part Of College

Let’s face it, many high school students are fed up with school and they cringe at the idea of looking into another book or listening to another teacher talk about when an assignment is due and how it should be done. It is almost like college is just another way to imprison the youngsters; and although it may sound pessimistic it may be a fact for some (not all of course). Trust me when i say it, college life is going to better than high school.


You Can Make Any Schedule You Want

You practically have the freedom to choose when you want to go to school. You can literally chose to go only two days out of the week and dedicate the rest to either studying or spending time with friends and family. You are not pressured with a redundant neverending schedule that  takes up Monday Through Friday. Now of course you can fill up your week and even weekends with school, but that is the beauty of it: you do not have to!


Your Professors Are Only There To Help And Guide You

Unlike your high school teachers; your professors will not hold your hand! They are there to give you the lecture of the day and send you off with an assignment. Now I am not telling you to not pay attention to them or to disregard the services they provide; but I am saying that you have even more space and freedom at college. You are treated as an adult and will be viewed as one as opposed to your high school teacher who threatens to call parents. In college you are your own boss and you are responsible for yourself! So be wise.


No One Is Cooler Than You

High school was all about cliques and what is popular but in college the only thing that is cool is graduating and getting a high GPA. No one is worried about the other and people do not interfere in the business of others. Those who attend college are there to perfect their skills and achieve their goals. College is a whole new environment and i barely scratched the iceberg. There is still so much to see and I guarantee that if you dedicate yourself to furthering your academic career you will be a wonderful place in a few years.


Let’s Talk Scholarships!

Scholarships are the way to go for students seeking opportunity. They can definitely lift you up to the point you need to be financially in order to get into the college of your dreams.Here is a list of easy-to-do scholarships that you can apply for now!



  • Liasion’s Data Inspired Future Scholarship


This scholarship’s deadline is May 31, 2018 and it is catered to high school seniors and it awards $5,000! In order to qualify you must  You must submit a 30 to 60 second video that discusses, explains or demonstrates an important aspect of data in today’s or tomorrow’s society and also includes one interesting fact about yourself.

  1.        Learn Between The Lines Scholarship Slam

This scholarship is available to students who are 13 to 25 years of age. The deadline is 7-11-18 and in order to qualify for this scholarship you must write a poem describing what poetry has taught you. The award amount is $1,000.

  1.       $1,000 Financial Freedom Scholarship

Available to high school seniors and college students and with a deadline that is 8-1-18, you must submit an essay that has a word count in between 1,000 and 2,000 words describing what financial freedom means to you and why it is important. The catch is that you must describe how you will gain financial freedom in order to be considered to achieve this award.

College Visit What To Take

What To Take on Your College Visit

You have set up your college tour and you are more than excited to visit what can potentially be your future school but in all the hustle and bustle you forget to sit down and think about what exactly is it that you need to pack for this visit.


Pack Some Comfortable Clothes

This has definitely got to be one of the first things that pops into your mind. You need to make sure you are dressed in accordance to the weather of the city in which the college is located. So dress appropriately and enjoy the trip!


Pack A Backpack With Provisions and Necessities

You are going to want to have a pack with either snacks or phone chargers. You are going to want to take notebooks for notes and perhaps even a list of questions to ask the tour guide. A backpack can be very useful since if there are any hand-outs or items that are given to you you can easily put them away and not have to carry so much with your hands.


Take A Partner

This may not be an item you can easily pack but by having a buddy with you the experience may be even better since you can have someone to co-op and share the experience with. Ultimately the final decision will always be yours but it is always good to have a second opinion.

How to Research for College

How To Research A College

Now searching for a perfect college may be difficult since you might have a long list of different universities or institutes that you would be interested in; but don’t worry we have compiled a small list of ways to narrow down your search while doing great research!


Look It Up!

As obvious as it may sound simply looking up the colleges can definitely help you out. But do not just stop at one website; search on several. Here at College Prep Consultants we can help you out with the research for specific colleges, but sometimes going at your own speed can be great! Search for acceptance rates and what the school specializes in when it comes to majors and minors; look up the campus and see how the day to day life is. There is really room for  any question when looking up your college choices.



Now as you research your colleges think about what it is you have a passion for. When it comes to going to college it is very important you are going there to chase your dreams and also perfect your skill set. So ask yourself if you are good at music? Is it reading and writing? Maybe science or performing arts. Figure out what it is you do best and find the right college that fits you.


Schedule Some College Tours

The best way to see how something works is to go straight to the source and experience it yourself. Set up a college visit and get ready to see what the school is all about. This can be a great and fun experience as you get to witness all that the school has to offer as your tour guide takes you through the campus.

Preparing for Finals at College

Preparing For Finals

The end is near when it comes to the semester! Finals are going to be fast approaching and I am sure you are stressing out and feeling as if the semester is crashing down on you. I compiled a list of things that you can do to prepare you for finals so there is no need to fret!



  • Study! Study! Study!


There is truly nothing more beneficial than to simply study for your tests even if it means studying in small increments in terms of subject or material. You are better of taking your time with studying instead of cramming it all in during one night. Remember to orchestrate your time intelligently and create a schedule that balances your academic and personal life.


  1.        Manage Your Time!

Now this is the time when you must arrange your time according to a specialized schedule. You do not need to dedicate all of your time to school! We are only human so it is healthy to plan nights out or sit back and relax while watching your favorite show on Netflix; but remember that you must also work around your study schedule and figure a way to hash out a perfect plan that ensures that you meet your personal and academic needs.


  1.        Talk With Your Teachers

Speak to your teachers about your grade and of any assignment that you might be missing. Make sure you are up to date about the current subject and of course be sure you are on top of everything that is needed to pass the class and/or classes. Now I am not saying that you should expect the worse but I highly advocate you prepare yourself and make sure you get as many points as you can before finals and if you are on top of things already then use this time as a way to get ready for the finals to come.


  1.         Do Not Stress

If you follow the above steps I will assure you that you will be successful during your finals. Just don’t stress yourself out by procrastinating or carrying out bad study habits.Here at CPC we are rooting for you and are wishing your the best of luck.