The Best Part Of College

Let’s face it, many high school students are fed up with school and they cringe at the idea of looking into another book or listening to another teacher talk about when an assignment is due and how it should be done. It is almost like college is just another way to imprison the youngsters; and although it may sound pessimistic it may be a fact for some (not all of course). Trust me when i say it, college life is going to better than high school.


You Can Make Any Schedule You Want

You practically have the freedom to choose when you want to go to school. You can literally chose to go only two days out of the week and dedicate the rest to either studying or spending time with friends and family. You are not pressured with a redundant neverending schedule that  takes up Monday Through Friday. Now of course you can fill up your week and even weekends with school, but that is the beauty of it: you do not have to!


Your Professors Are Only There To Help And Guide You

Unlike your high school teachers; your professors will not hold your hand! They are there to give you the lecture of the day and send you off with an assignment. Now I am not telling you to not pay attention to them or to disregard the services they provide; but I am saying that you have even more space and freedom at college. You are treated as an adult and will be viewed as one as opposed to your high school teacher who threatens to call parents. In college you are your own boss and you are responsible for yourself! So be wise.


No One Is Cooler Than You

High school was all about cliques and what is popular but in college the only thing that is cool is graduating and getting a high GPA. No one is worried about the other and people do not interfere in the business of others. Those who attend college are there to perfect their skills and achieve their goals. College is a whole new environment and i barely scratched the iceberg. There is still so much to see and I guarantee that if you dedicate yourself to furthering your academic career you will be a wonderful place in a few years.