How Are Essays Constructed? 

The first paragraph of an essay or paper is always the introduction. It presents the topic of the paper and also provides the thesis statement. The introduction basically tells the audience what the rest of the paper or essay is going to be about without providing any real information or research. The introduction simply states the main points that the body paragraphs are going to focus on.

What Are Body Paragraphs?

The Body Paragraphs are what generally make the essay. They are the tools used to express the main points thoroughly in individual paragraphs: in other words one paragraph must only express one idea or point that enforces the thesis statement. A paragraph is always dedicated to and describes an idea and should never present more than one.

How Many Paragraphs Should Be In An Essay?

This is a question that is always asked and there typically is no real answer to this. It all just depends on the instructor and to your thesis or how well you want to make your point. A decent paper is about three pages long in length but sometimes a perfect paper may not even surpass page one! But if you want to make things easier, one page should contain about three paragraphs.