How Do I Write a Great College Application Essay? 

It is probably very intimidating This is the essay that truly matters! It has to be perfect, right? Well not necessarily. Students often fret when writing essays because they want to follow the formula that has been given since they were in grade school. The truth is admission officers are constantly reading application essays and can tell when the essay is not genuine, if it is generic, or even plagiarized; and believe me they know when a student has gotten help from a parent.

What Should The First Step Be?

The best thing to do when approaching an essay is to understand the prompt thoroughly and to see if you can relate to it, apply it to your definition of the real world, or at least allow it to sink into your cognitive thinking. Why do this? So that you can understand the prompt and have your thoughts flourish with countless ideas and approaches

How Do I Organize Ideas?

So what do you do when you’re filled with all these new thoughts and ideas? Write them all down! Develop a form of outline for your essay and jot down all of your thoughts so you can organize all of your feelings, thoughts, ideas, etc. Then once you have a basic but well-rounded idea on how you want your essay then begin writing!

So Now The Writing Process…

When it comes to an admissions essay you ought to not look back at those old high school notes or papers. Chances are when you were writing those papers you were trying to satisfy the instructor’s prompt and get a good grade but here is the truth: This essay is meant to show the

reader who you are! It is meant to show the reader that you can get to the point and be concise by staying original and simply being yourself. Be creative and intuitive and work to not only satisfy the reader through fine work but even satisfy yourself through a paper that only you could write and no one else could ever. The whole point of an admissions essay is to show schools who you are! It is your voice and no one else’s. And after you are done with that wonderful essay there is one final yet simple step: Proofread. Always proofread your work and make sure it is exactly what you want to say and that every word and period is placed right where it is intended to be.