What  To Do When Accepted To A College 


You have been accepted into the colleges of your dreams, what is there to do now? Obviously you celebrate and tell everyone while feeling proud of such an accomplishment. But like all celebrations there comes and end to it and eventually it is time to get back to business.


Find the Best Suited School

You have worked so hard to get to this point just so you can be noticed and accepted and much like any dedicated student there are going to be more than one college that you are interested in and have become interested in you. This is the time to uncover the pros and cons of your college choices and find the best fit. Consider what these schools have to offer. How will you do that for sure?


You Guessed It, Schedule Some Campus Tours

I am sure you have already done the campus tours but you can never be too certain. So schedule some more tours and dissect the mind of your tour-guides. College is an investment therefore you want to make the right choice.


Unravel the Finances

Now knowing what how much money is needed for you college choices is very important. Think about tuition and the costs of your books and necessary gear. Also consider the grants that are offered and scholarships you were accepted into.  


Lastly Be Sure The Choice You Are Making Is Yours

There have been so many cases where a student chooses a school because someone recommended it or because they’re chasing a friend or loved one. The final choice is yours and no one else’s so do not try to follow the footsteps of another if it does not feel right to you. Remember that this is your future and no one else’s.


  1. What Should High School Seniors Do Right Now?

Let us take the time to celebrate that you have made it passed years of hard work and academic dedication. You are at the edge of what was then to what will become of you. And although some things may be clearer more now than ever the ride is still not over.


Do Not Fall Victim Of Senioritis

It is only natural for this to happen to those who have worked so hard that in the end it seems that slacking off a little bit won’t cause any harm. I advise you to stay dedicated and put in your all no matter how late in the game it is. End this year off with a bang an be the best you can for yourself.


Start Narrowing Your College Search

This is the perfect time to shorten your list of a colleges so that you can focus on the few that have better things to offer you in order for you to succeed. Schedule some college tours and seek out the college that was designed for your dreams. If you have the right resume then these colleges will be looking for you!


Schedule Some College Tours

Visit the colleges you want to get into so. Campus tours are a perfect way to find the best college for you since instead of looking at a brochure or online blog you will be walking the campus itself and seeing the life the school has to offer!


Enjoy Yourself

Yes it is stressful and yes you should not slack off but this does not mean you cannot enjoy your last year as a highschooler. Enjoy this time because there will not be a next. After this it’s all about independence and figuring things out for yourself so have a little fun and create a bucket list of things to do before the year ends.