Package Information

The comprehensive package is an all inclusive package for grades 9-12th. This includes four years of services and also we will stay with student and family until they finish their first year of college.

Package Details

Assessment of student’s transcripts and selection of high school course for the next four years.

Aligned students with summer internships and volunteering opportunities

Compilation and selection of preliminary lists “best fit” colleges to ensure academic success and social happiness

College research and spreadsheet data for the colleges student is applying for

Development of timetable for applications process and explanation of Early Action, Early Decision or Regular Decision

Assessment of ACT or SAT prep and timeline for class or individual tutoring

Assistance with essay completion to colleges and universities and their supplements

Extracurricular Planning- sports, community service and clubs to enhance college acceptance

Specific guidelines regarding: application process and deadlines, letters of recommendation, activities list, college visits, community service and work experience

Communication with high school and college admissions personnel on students behalf, as needed

Resume building used for applications and scholarships

Preparation for college interviews

Assist with final decision making after acceptance letter have been received

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Focused on providing personal and specialized services to meet each student’s specific needs