Dear Arvi,

Thank you so much for your care in guiding Hannah through her college selection, application, and decision process over this past year. I have to say that I had no idea just how daunting that task is today compared with what I went through when I was a senior in high school. Steve and I are both so glad that we decided to go to you and have Hannah work through this transition with your amazing team. We spent countless hours researching Hannah’s options, but it was your guidance, planning expertise, and reminders of critical dates that kept us all on track and confident that we were doing all we could to support Hannah on her journey.

From the initial career planning assessments to the moment the ‘Congratulations!’ letters started coming in, Hannah was encouraged to define her goals, pursue her dreams, and find a place that should be a great fit for her as she embarks on this next adventure of her life.

Now that she has made her final decision among the many offers, she is ready to move forward, planning for a future that holds amazing promise.

With thanks always for your part in that,