Dear Arvi,

First of all, thank you for all your help and dedication in making this COVID-19 college application season better and easier.
After long hours of essays, answering questions, lists, meetings, and submitting applications, these are the results for Hector and his final decision:
1) Ohio State University, Columbus- Morrill Scholar Law & Society/ Prominence Scholarship 4-year value $140,072
2) Loyola University Chicago/ Presidential Scholarship 4-year value $100,000
3) Arizona State University Barrett Honors College / Provost’s Award 4-year value $48,000
4) Syracuse University/ Dean’s Scholarship 4-year value $40,000
5) Temple University/ Founder’s Scholarship 4-year value $36,000
6) Penn State University Schreyers Honors College/ Academic Excellence Scholarship 4-year value $20,000
7) UC Davis
8) Florida State University
Total Value in Scholarships – $384,072 (to bad this is not all accumulated for the individual student instead of per college)