Best 3 Schools To Study Statistics 


Statistics graduates generate around 28% more than most college grads. To be specific, During the early career of a Statistics major, the income is generally $48,899 with a mid-career salary of $99,822.  Below is a list of three colleges that have proven to be the best in this particular field.


Carnegie Mellon University


Carnegie Mellon University is the best choice for individuals thinking about being a Statistics major. Students from the statistics major at Carnegie Mellon University earn approximately 13% more than the standard college graduate with the same degree. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this institution is a very fit option for students who enjoy the thrill of a significant city. Don’t worry if you’re not from Pennsylvania, you won’t feel out of place at Carnegie Mellon University as approximately 85% of undergraduates come from other states.


Harvard University


It’s hard to beat Harvard University if you want to study Statistics. Graduates of the statistics program report average early career income and mid-career income of $143,566. Situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this institution is a logical option for students who enjoy the buzz of a very popular city as you learn about numerous cultures first-hand, thanks to Harvard’s diverse student body. Each year, approximately 56% freshmen receive scholarships, with the average award being $42,157.


University Of Pennsylvania  


Every student who is interested in Statistics needs to see what the University of Pennsylvania is all about. University of Pennsylvania offers graduate degrees in statistics for those interested in an advanced degree. University of Pennsylvania is among the largest schools in Pennsylvania. 54% of students at the University of Pennsylvania acquire educational funding so completing the FAFSA is a must do.