What is the Application Process? 


Applying to college can be a hectic process especially when there is so much competition everywhere. Admissions can vary from college to college but we have created a general list of things to look out for when applying to the schools you want.


Filling Out The Application Form


This is the basic part of the admissions process where you fill out paperwork so that the school can have a step-by-step list of things that show your background in terms of what you did or participated in when you were in high school. This may also include personal information about yourself.


The Admissions Essay


This is one of the most important parts of the admissions process. Colleges will usually give the student a range of different prompts to choose from. The essay is the voice of the student and the part where one can  “shine.”


Supplemental  Materials


This can be recommendation letters or a portfolio that showcases your personal work. Be careful with what you include in your portfolio because it may either help or ruin your chances.




In some cases this can be a requirement but not always. You can request an interview if you feel it may be best for you. International students might find this especially useful for them.