Experiences You Should Have In College

College isn’t always about going to class and studying for the next exam. College can be a wonderful experience that will last you a lifetime if you chose to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities it has to offer.


Watch Plays

Look, maybe you feel as if plays are not for you but sometimes saying yes to something new might spark a new interest in you. In my experience during college I actually was reluctant to watch plays but when i did i never regretted it. I love to see what my peers are doing and i have never been disappointed.


Check Out The Clubs and Join One!

If you are going to school for business or simply feel as if you need more friends the join a club! It is a great way to have adventures and to try new things. You do not even have to commit to the club if it is not for you but at least you made some friends in the process. College is all about new experiences so take advantage!


Study Abroad

Now this one may seem like it is a little too far fetched but studying abroad can open up a window of opportunity for you as well as help you explore new cultures. There is so much more out there in the world. College is the perfect time to do this because your main focus during this wonderous time is to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life and perhaps spending time in another country and gaining some new experience might help you figure that out.


Participate in Sporting Events

You don’t just have to be an athlete to participate in your intramural sports. Go and enjoy the games and immerse yourself in the crowd. Enjoy the school spirit and meet people. Cheer on your team and have loads of fun! College does not have to be a barren wasteland of homework and studying but it can be a brand new world full of excitement and experience.