How To Research A College

Now searching for a perfect college may be difficult since you might have a long list of different universities or institutes that you would be interested in; but don’t worry we have compiled a small list of ways to narrow down your search while doing great research!


Look It Up!

As obvious as it may sound simply looking up the colleges can definitely help you out. But do not just stop at one website; search on several. Here at College Prep Consultants we can help you out with the research for specific colleges, but sometimes going at your own speed can be great! Search for acceptance rates and what the school specializes in when it comes to majors and minors; look up the campus and see how the day to day life is. There is really room for  any question when looking up your college choices.



Now as you research your colleges think about what it is you have a passion for. When it comes to going to college it is very important you are going there to chase your dreams and also perfect your skill set. So ask yourself if you are good at music? Is it reading and writing? Maybe science or performing arts. Figure out what it is you do best and find the right college that fits you.


Schedule Some College Tours

The best way to see how something works is to go straight to the source and experience it yourself. Set up a college visit and get ready to see what the school is all about. This can be a great and fun experience as you get to witness all that the school has to offer as your tour guide takes you through the campus.