Passion vs Reality

Sometimes we know and sometimes we don’t. That is the beauty of growing up and living your day to day life. We look at those who seem to have got it made and think that we wish we were them because they have got it so easy but the truth is that everyone had to figure it out somehow.


There is no other way to go about this other than to tell you that you have to stay focused and figure out the one thing you love to do. Now sometimes what you love to do is not a career that is easy to attain and it is hard to admit that some things are not tangible but this does not mean you have to completely let go of your passion because it is hard to make money off of it. Keep it as a hobby and find a way to tie in your passion with your skills.


Maybe you are a talented artist or maybe you are a skillful musician; continue to work on what it is you love while at the same time applying your talents to your education. Maybe you can teach music or art to others and become a role model to someone else’s life and become an inspiration to others because regardless of how outlandish your dreams were you still managed to stay true to your craft while at the same time making it a job.


The bottom line, school is important and so are your passions and although some people get luckier than others this does not mean that you can’t use your talents anymore. You can make your dreams a reality and I honestly believe you can.