Let’s Talk Scholarships!

Scholarships are the way to go for students seeking opportunity. They can definitely lift you up to the point you need to be financially in order to get into the college of your dreams.Here is a list of easy-to-do scholarships that you can apply for now!



  • Liasion’s Data Inspired Future Scholarship


This scholarship’s deadline is May 31, 2018 and it is catered to high school seniors and it awards $5,000! In order to qualify you must  You must submit a 30 to 60 second video that discusses, explains or demonstrates an important aspect of data in today’s or tomorrow’s society and also includes one interesting fact about yourself.

  1.        Learn Between The Lines Scholarship Slam

This scholarship is available to students who are 13 to 25 years of age. The deadline is 7-11-18 and in order to qualify for this scholarship you must write a poem describing what poetry has taught you. The award amount is $1,000.

  1.       $1,000 Financial Freedom Scholarship

Available to high school seniors and college students and with a deadline that is 8-1-18, you must submit an essay that has a word count in between 1,000 and 2,000 words describing what financial freedom means to you and why it is important. The catch is that you must describe how you will gain financial freedom in order to be considered to achieve this award.